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Half-Time Leadering Conference


Event Date: Friday, January 12, 2018 to Saturday, January 13, 2018


Location: Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center- Stevens Point


Event Description: Half-Time Leadership Conference allows students to keep their FFA chapters going strong for the second half of the school year. The conference focuses around the FFA Vision - Growing Leaders, Building Communities and Strengthening Agriculture. Everything from award opportunities, careers and scholarships, team building, public relations and service projects are just a few of the topics the state officers will cover in their workshops.


The Half-Time conference helps students answer questions such as, Are you on the right track in high school, or do you need to make some adjustments. If so, what kind of adjustments need to be made? If you need help in any way, who are the people you will reach out to for that help?


Martha Rietbrock, a current Officer of the Kiel FFA attended the Conference and learned how one can be a better employee, how to submit a great application for a job, key items for an interview and ways to make a great first impression.


Information was available about which classes to take in high school so we are college ready and more in depth details about the career of an EMT in which I am interested in.

I learned about ways people can help others and how one little act of kindness can go a long way.

Skills or traits that make an individual a good employee: 1. Great listening skills 2. Being on time 3. Being organized. Success in High School can help you achieve your career goals!



2018 FFA Sectional Leadership WorkshopLeadership Conference


The Kiel FFA took part of the annual Sectional Leadership Workshop conference. The FFA members learned new time management skills, how to make smart goals, and how to be better at their officer jobs. They also had many opportunities to learn life skills and to help there chapter grow and continue to succeed. 


The Kiel FFA officers won the spirit award. This means that all officers were active and participated in workshops through the night.













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